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By finding and highlighting important, valuable national resources that advance progressive transformation, this site is intended to help progressive-minded Americans cope with information overload by placing at their fingertips selective information that can help contribute to fundamental reform. This site primarily includes national resources available to people throughout the United States. For more details, see Criteria for Inclusion.

By constantly updating the materials in this catalog, we hope to clarify the underlying social system that is the root cause of so many of our personal and social problems and present original ideas about how to transform that system.

Steady, simultaneous, comprehensive, progressive changes throughout society and within ourselves can reinforce one another and build a positive spiral leading to systemic transformation.

Our philosophical orientation is presented more fully in the following documents:

Issues related to our philosophical foundation are also discussed in some Interviews with nationally prominent spokespersons, some of whom disagree with us on some points.

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This site highlights those resources considered to be the best ten resources that address the general area included in each Section. When needed, a link to More Resources is inclued at the bottom of each page.

The Other Directories section will include more geographically specific resources. We will expand this listing as feasible. Readers are encouraged to alert us to such sites.

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